Small and cheap android phone?

Ok, I have a FiiO E18 (Kunlun), which is a portable headphone amp/dac for phones but I don’t want to use my daily driver with it. I want a small and cheap device that I can just glue onto that sucker and effectively make it one unit. So, best case scenario would be a device like …

  • cheap (100,- Euro or so)
  • 4" screen or less up to 5" screen depending on bezels
  • USB on the bottom
  • microSD slot
  • flat back
  • android with google services
  • the less bloat the better

Use case: I wanna play shit from it. Like music and podcasts … and maybe youtube videos. Basically iPod use with sound going out over USB to the DAC/AMP.


[EDIT] Found a photo of the FiiO’s backside, so that would be the area for the phone.

Ticks all your criteria.

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Do you know what the drawbacks of android go are? I mean, does that still have all USB functionality to connect to DACs for example? And what about apps?

EDIT - It seems like OTG does not work with that device. Haven’t found information if that is a hardware or software limitation. If it’s the latter, Android GO is out.

Just comes with some google apps that are meant for lightweight devices, you can still install regular apps.
Doesn’t have any limitations to my knowledge.

Perhaps if you described the use case for the phone in more detail I could give a good suggestion.

I wanna play shit from it. Like music and podcasts … and maybe youtube videos. Basically iPod use with sound going out over USB to the DAC/AMP.

I thought that was clear given the device I wanna connect it to but I’ll add it to the first post.

This fits your specs, but is probably too pricey.

That’s about three times the money I would be willing to spend, yeah.

I know you won’t but just putting it out there, best bang for buck at this size.

The selection of small android phones is extremely limited in this day and age.

That is why I made this thread, yes.

Also no to iphone.

You and your Nokia phones…
I’ll give you that though - it have no bloatware.

@noenken is second hand an option? You may be able to get something much better cheaper just cause it’s used…

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I’d rather avoid second hand, I am totally fine with Amazon warehouse deals and other outlet stuff as long as it is a major shop in Germany.

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I don’t know about Germany, but my carrier is selling Samsung A10 (A105F) for 100euros flat.
There is also Nokia 3.2 that I hate to recommend, but it fits everything you ask for - no bloatware, all Google stuff, Memory card slot etc etc. Just don’t use it to listen to music on it.

Both of those are more than 6" big … which is more than 5".

Fiio has the HTC One M8 on the product page of the Kunlun. They seem to be close in size, so I’d say look for one with those dimensions.

Filtered for under 200€, max dimensions, min. 32GB ROM + microSD slot, USB OTG
No option to filter for flat backsides, though.

If you’re just looking for something with Android, there are also PMPs with Android. Some might not allow for installing apps, though.

On the top right of the page you can change the country. Just noticed it was set to Austria…

The reason I asked was that maybe a phone is not the optimal piece of electronics. Have you had a look at a Sony A55 Walkman? I think it will do everything you want, and be smaller, lighter and run for longer than a phone.

Doesn’t run android, won’t play youtube or podcasts or google music…
Not to mention it’s way more money than a cheap phone and probably won’t USB OTG to the amp I already have.

Please don’t comment with random stuff.
If you want to help, please actually read what I write.

Old android version, but will still do the job.

LG G6 might be a good option, plus it has a great Quad DAC headphone jack, might be useful? I still see them coming up as new items for a pittence on Fleabay.