Slow Youtube Loading

So I have comcast here in PA, I have a download around 22 and an upload of around 4. I am very happy with my internet speed but I have one problem, I am always watching Youtube videos along with everything and they load really slow sometimes. Some videos can load at full 1080p with no problems but sometimes I can't even watch 240p without it stopping. Sometimes the video will load perfectly at the beginning and then slow down, or it will be really slow at the beginning and then speed up. I remember the code you can run in cmd to speed up Youtube but that didn't make a difference. Should I just call Comcast and see what they can do or is there an easy fix?

I also have Comcast but i'm in Fl have the same issues with youtube after 5 PM everyday. I've searched quite a bit and a lot of comcast users have the same issue with youtube. Any other site works just fine for me. Only thing i and many others can think of is Comcast is throttling the youtube lines cause of the extreme high traffic it gets. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Thist is what i just got on my test and ive been buffering a youtube video for quite a bit now. 

I have Verizon FIOS (their fastest commercial package) and I have the same problem, so it is not JUST comcast.  There is a whole thread over on reddit here:

about this issue... and people trying to fix it.  So far I have not found a solution, and I worked as a systems admin at an ISP for years, troubleshooting problems just like this.

Most people think this is the fault of Google/Youtube tho, because it seems that it is affecting every HSD ISP that reports in.

Btw, here is my speedtest:


no problems loading here, but according to this apparently you are served a cached video from a CDN (Content Distribution Network) and not from YouTube directly. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) throttle the connection speed from you to these CDNs, which is why YouTube videos load slowly but the rest of the Internet works just fine.

So it could be that? All you have to do is block those CDNs so you can get served by youtube directly

Having the same issues, I blocked the IP listed in the reddit thread to no avail. I am checking out the link that tac rot posted now.

This issue has been around for months.

I tried TaC RoT's link and its the same for me didn't work.

Same here. Some videos load perfectly. Others are sloth slow at 240p.

There's gotta be a way to fix this.

Im having problems aswell. 45mbps brighthouse connection in Flordia. i thought it was just my internet acting up again but guess not

Thanks for replying everyone really helps knowing that it isn't my fault and that me switching out all sorts of cables and trying all these things isn't really doing anything. So these ISPs can't even handle Youtube.