Slow transfer speed on my QNAP TS-239 PRO

Hello everybody.

I found an old QNAP TS-239 PRO sitting around so I decided to put into use again. Firmware is updated to latest version.

My issue is file transfer speed is very slow when copying from the NAS, around 6,3 MB/s over both SMB on windows 10 and NFS on linux. Odd thing is, copying to the NAS is around 37 MB/s. Why this huge difference in copying to and from the drive, where can I start searching for the problem?

The drives are one 2TB seagate Ironwolf pro (ST2000NE0025) and one 4TB Seagate NAS drive (ST4000VN000). Configured as JBOD.

Now only thing I did when installing is that it complained about cylinders being set wrong so I looked them up on Seagates website and set them to 16,383 as specifications say, using fdisk. Could this be it? I thought setting cylinders where deprecated these days, but silly me went and did it anyway.

Realized only one of the drives was on the official supported list, so I swapped them for 2 supported drives. Now its 6 MB/s both ways, raid 0 setup. Any ideas?

Going off the age, I’d assume it was some kind of memory or CPU limitation. Seeing as QNAP have been releasing relatively frequent security patches, the fix for Spectre could’ve tanked performance on the Atom in it.

What does the usage look like when you’re transferring?

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I’m a bit late, but thanks for the reply. It seems to be issue with my cheap A-link switch inbetween, which is gigabit, but it insisted on 100mbit. I did not think that would be possible but apparently it always recognizes my Thinkpads nic as 100mbit. Connecting it directly to the router it went full on 1000Mbit/s. Odd, but easy to replicate and confirm. what really confuses me is that all other devices i connect to the A-link always defaults to gigabit. And one port refuse to work completely with the thinkpad, but work fine on other computers. Either the A-link is dying or it don’t recognize my Thinkpad T14. I doubt its the laptops port because gigabit works just fine connecting to my router. Weird lol.

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