Slow SSD Boot Times

So im new to this forum but it was recommended to me for my problem. I used to have a 9 minutes boot up time and I now got an SSD that shrunk that to 2 to 3 minutes but Im told this is incredible slow for an SSD. Ive tried deleteing or disabling start up programs and scanning for viruses and what not but nothing seems to help. Also my BIOS screen that allows me to press DEL to enter it comes up 3 or 4 times if thats something to add before it goes to the Windows logo. Please help :(

PC Specs:

CPU: i5-2500k Overclocked to 4.5 ghz


PSU: Corsair AX850

RAM:16 GB Crucial Ram DDR3 1333mhz

Heatsink: True Spirit 140

Harddrives: Samsung 840 250 GB SSD w/ Windows 7 Ultimate installed.

1 TB HDD Western Digital Caviar Blue

Motherboard: P8Z68 V Pro Asus

Case: Cooler Master Haf 932

Have you done a fresh install of windows? 

Is anything else on the build new?

No it was a Data Migration using the given software.

Ok so here's a few suggestions from other forums.

Update your AHCI driver.

How many usb devices are plugged in? It could be causing long boot time.

Lastly some guy had a dying optical drive which was causing long boot time. Try to boot without optical drive and see.

Does the AHCI driver fall under a bios update? And just mouse, keyboard, a hub. I'll try the optical drive too. Personally i recommend a wipe, reinstall with just min amount of stuff to reinstall.

also make sure before you do reinstall, to set your sata settings in /bios to AHCI before installing anything

Well ive always had AHCI on but after doing a fresh install and mounting an image using Acronis of my old HDD I have zero boot time performance increase.

i would recommend to do a clean windows 7 install.

Is it possible that your ssd is not hooked up to sata 6 ? A clean install to just your ssd hooked to the correct sata 6 port should work. Then update your drivers.


If by Sata 6 you mean 6 Gb/s(SATA 3 port) then yes it is. And MisteryAngel I already did a clean install once, unless youre not supposed to mount any system images afterwards.

And Freaksmacker I followed every step i nthe guide you linked to no avail, plus all my benchmarks are fine.

 If your benchmarks are fine then your looking to shorten your start up correct? Now some bios have a option of what they call quick boot. What that does is skip bios screen and win logo screens. Theres more time shaved off. There are several things that can be done to shave a little more time off your boot . Looking for a good clean guide for you . Just remember those ultra fast boots are highly tweaked results, I personally dont even worry about having 10 sec boots but a 30 to 20 sec boot is a very reasonable easily obtainable result. .

Okay so Im still sitting at the 2-3 minute level. My friend reccomended CrystalDiskMark. Heres the results where as write speed is good but read speed is slow compared to its claim of 540.

i would say because your reads are too low that a intel sata ahci driver update and a possible samsung firm ware up date are in order

You may not see full read speed  but it should be in the 500 to 480 range at least

Samsung says latest firmware installed and when I installed from the disk it let me install an updated version but I'll try the intel link.