Slow SMB performance on Fedora


I recently switched my desktop PC to Fedora 25. Everything works fine but when connecting to the SMB shares on my NAS , I only get 30 MB/s write speeds and 60 MB/s read speeds. On Windows I used to get 120 MB/s both ways. Can anyone of you help me solve this?

Try this and see where you get.


Thank you. I checked and I don't have samba installed. Apparently the file manager uses gvfs, which often has performance issues. I tried mounting my share with mount -t cifs which resulted in very good read speeds but initially I didn't have write access which I fixed by adding the noperm option. I only got up to 10 MB/s write speeds which is worse than gvfs.

Is switching to NFS for your shares an option for you?

Issues are with using Nautilus using gvfs instead of cifs. If using GNOME then there's not much you can do besides mounting with terminal/fstab; or switch to a different file manager.

I tried mounting my shares in the terminal with mount -t cifs but like I said it resulted in very good read performance but in worse write performance than I got with gvfs.
I already considered switching to NFS. Do you think it will be much faster?