Slow Samba data transfers with Ubuntu vs Windows 10

Hello all,
So strange problem. When I transfer large files from the same machine (Dual boot windows and Ubuntu 20.04) which is a ASRock Deskmini X300 with ryzen 5 Pro 4650G, I get about 12-13MB/s with Ubuntu and roughly 65-70MB/s from windows.
The test was done with the same X264 Encoded Video file to test speed.
I am sending it over my wired network through my managed switch (cisco) to my home server I built.
I cant imagine hardware is at fault, but maybe my settings for Samba or something I am missing in Ubuntu? I kow it cant be physical because both machines use the exact same hardware and physical path.
I used a guide from here to set up my drives as shares vis samba from Proxmox (Debian) Hypervisor. Should I set up a diffrent share structure like NFS or another to keep speeds equal across my hardware?
Has anyone ever run into this issue before?
Happy to provide more info I’m not sure what else could be helpful…

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Test the raw bandwidth with iperf to ensure it’s not network. Then disable any encryption/signing in smb.conf.

I just tried upload vs download. I can download from server at 80-100MB/s… up load is stuck at 12-16MB/s

Is it just copying with the built in file manager?
Might you try with the terminal, or like FileZilla, or a different file manager?
I know it might be clunky to install a bunch of dependencies just to try another file manager, but give it a go?

Edit: I was thinking of SFTP with FileZilla, my bad

I’ll have to find another file manager…I’ll figure something out.

What about using rsync?