Slow laptop, any ideas?

Hello, I've been noticing a drop in the overall performance of my Toshiba Satellite laptop... And I'm pretty sure it has to do with the plethora of programs I've been having to install/reinstall due to my job (registry problems and such). So, my question here is, is there a tool that can help me get rid of this problem? (Bad registry entries, bad shortcuts, etc). Any help is appreciated. Cheers.


This might be a "noob" suggestion, but have you tried ccleaner and deleting all programs your not using. Also, try disable programs you don't need during boot up

Go to "Start" then enter "msconfig"

Go to the autostart tab and see what programms you don't need.

It can also be the OS, in worst case, try reinstalling or "repairing" Windows.
I have not much time now, so just add a reply to this post if cleaning out msconfig did not help. 

You could get an SSD and replace it with the drive that is in there, but thid could be expensive depending on how much space you need (you get a 128 or 256 and get a usb 3.0 drive). Thid also could take a  while as you need to reinstall windows.

I think using ccleaner is not such a bad idea. I used it to remove some unnecessary files and programs and fix registry issues. I also disabled some programs to open on startup. My laptop has been running noticeably faster ever since.

Thanks for all your replies. I will try both using cc cleaner and changing the settings on my msconfig. DarthPiggy, the laptop is rather new (less than a year old) and the HDD is not a problem. The registry is, I think, the main problem here. Cheers.

A nice tool for checking slow performance and startup items if you're not comfortable doing this manually is Glary Utilities.

I much prefer this to CC Cleaner "Fix Everything" function as it gives you a bit more control.

One of the best features it has is to delay-startup things that you do want to use but perhaps not right away, for instance, set Steam & Skype to startup 2 minutes after boot and let other things config themselves first.


To use these programs for their registry cleaning tools, should I make a registry backup file? And if so, what do you recommend for this task? Homeless, thanks for the tip, I'll be using Glary Utilities :)

You need to install an Anti-virus in your system. Also make sure that your desktop is free from unwanted icons. Do remove unnecessary files from your System drive i.e C. Cc cleaner is one of the option to remove such things. Do try all these to get your processing speed fast. Get more information on how to improve your speed and Generic Viagra (

Install linux... 

Seriously it'll turn most old PC's into a quick usable machine.