Slow download speeds

So im currentley trying to download bf4 on orogin and im getting slow download speeds.

i have also noticed that i have slow speeds in general on my chrome

Any help is appreciated :)


Download speed is about 500 KB?/sec

what speeds are you paying for from your isp? what type of service do you have? these are things that would help us alot!

how would i find these out because im really not sure

well, do you have a bill from you isp they would most likely be on there, But you could try pausing all your downloads and going to and giving that a try. also are you on a wireless network?

I personally dont (only 15) however if it was the only way i would probably be able to find one.

i am on a wireless network.

Here is the speedtest result 

And i did pause the download

hhmm not to bad. looks about right to the speeds you should be getting, where i live people that have a 6/DW and 1/UP get about 600-700KB download speed so your not to far off but if you are on wireless you could try going to where every your router is an hooking up by an Ethernet cable and see if that helps. i dont know how old you router is but you said you have noticed it has gotten slower lately so it could have something to do with your on a wireless connection.

ok i have thought about that. if i pause the download turn the computer off then move and hook up the ethernet it will still be on the same download as it was before im on 20%

Thanks for the help (i worded that terribly above sorry)

if you're asking me if it will stay where it is when you shut down, im not sure about origin but i know steam will do this. for downloading big games i sure would hope this is a feature so im pretty sure you're good. i heard origin wasn't the best but shouldn't be that bad.

Ok thanks for all the help :)

did that fix it up for you?

Its actually about the same. Its gonna be a long 11 and a half hours

the wired connection dropped drastically after like 10 minutes to about mid 300's.

Changed to wireless and getting solid 500

Why ?

Wired should be faster, should it not ?