Slow computer

So I just downloaded win7 home edition on a computer that i just replaced the hdd, mobo and cpu in. Before this, everything seemed very fast on how fast my computer reacted to anything, currently it seems like a snail. Any guesses?
i7 4690k
msi z97 gaming 5 mobo
G.Skill Ares Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
XFX Radeon R9 280X 3GB Double Dissipation Video Card

Also, how the bottom task bar on windows7 looks(blue-ish and kindve see through) normally, mine does not. It looks a teal strip of solid color. And how if you hover over something on your task bar, it would usually show you the actual page in a small window, and currently it is just showing me " -jsadfljldsjfl" for example when i scroll over internet explorer or anything

How did you move the stuff on the Hard drive?

I moved nothing, I did a clean install.

Is it sluggish as the mouse moves slow? or slow as in you can't access files quickly.

I was just reading a post about windows 10 so what might be happening is that windows 10 is downloading in the background. (I hate windows)

I am pretty sure windows 10 is not dling in the background. but just to make sure, how would i check? i never allowed anything to do so. and its sluggish as in files arent opening quickly like before, and then the problem i stated below my part list is happening

Install the motherboard drivers and the amd gfx driver.

I downloaded Livewire 6 or whatever it is and it auto installed all the mobo drivers for me, and driver utilities, i didnt update the bios as i was told not to. have not attempted to update the amd drivers though ( any idea where i would?) but would gpu drivers really fix the problem of the windows not showing windows, only text, and the bottom task bar being teal instead of a blue?

It will will 100% fix that issue :)

Install the driver, restart, and change window theme to aero.

hmm i feel dumb for this now though. i never had this problem before when i did the clean install of the same thing+ drivers. what do i do about the sluggish problem? figured it wouldnt be like that with an i7 4690k quad core cpu

also, which drivers would i download for this? There are some under features, and some under optional downloads.

This one exactly:

catalyst software suite, or amd chipset drivers? the link you provided takes me to a site that says download incomplete since i was linked to it from somewhere outside of amd

Balls! You need the Catalyst software suite.

alright thanks for the help so far, while were on the drivers topic. I've done drivers for my wireless adapter, mobo, and currently doing them for gpu. anything else i need? like a monitor? idk if mine requires one i do not remember as it was a while ago i did this. i have a vg248qe monitor

Nah It's fine. Windows update might find one but it's not necessary at all.

everything seems fine now for the most part. so thanks for that :) any idea what drivers for this monitor would do though?

There is no need for one, just set the refresh rate to the highest.

alright thanks :) one question i do have though is, when im using chrome or anything, my screen seems to "jump" for a split second. any idea what would cause that? it doesnt happen often. i had this problem before i switched mobo/cpu though

let me specify, my browser doesnt go like up or down, the image itself seems to move for a split second then back to the original spot it was at.