Slow browsing

Excuse me for going crazy. I been drinking lol.

I been having problems with slow web browsing for a year now.

Ryzen 7 2700x, 32gb 3,200mhz ram, Evga gtx 980 Ti. 2x Samsung EVO NVMEs. Tried 3 different modems on 1 ISP that was running @ 55mbp/s. Switched to new ISP that just became available. Have 600mbp/s and their modem.

Solid speed tests and reliability, no packet jitter, no switches and minimal devices connected to modem, low latency.

Switched browsers back and forth repetitively. Firefox, chrome, Edge… yes Edge… and repeat this in a endless cycle for a year. They seem to constantly get sluggish, hang, buffer on you tube. “Auto” switches down to 480/720p. If I switch to 1080p sometimes, it will just freeze for a entire minute until I spam refresh. I can watch in 1080p a lot of the times, but sometimes It will just non stop give me problems unless I use 720p.

This happened on both ISP’s. I just cant figure this out, I am almost at the point. I want to build a new PC.

The only thing, I can think of. I noticed the trend of browsers just getting slower as time goes on. Until I switch to another one. Maybe a placebo effect? I am not sure, please someone help me out with this. Reddit was not much help other than “Upgrade Internet.”

check the monitor settings and the display settings ?
does it work fine in other applications like games?

  • Check your WIFI adapter (if using wifi) isn’t complete garbage - check your wireless network is not on the same channel as everybody else. check there isn’t 2.4ghz interference in your vicinity if you’re on 2.4 ghz.
  • Not sure what router you’re using or if you rolled your own… but check you aren’t doing dumb shit with IPv6 ICMP packets (tip: you shouldn’t be blocking ICMP for ipv6 in general otherwise various network operations will timeout/fail). if you don’t have management on the router, you can also try disabling IPV6 on your computer to test and see if the problem goes away. It could also just be your ISP has a shitty ipv6 path to the internet, and various services are starting to use ipv6 a lot more now
  • replace your physical LAN cable/try a different port, etc. if you’re wired. cheap, easy to do, and you’ll kick yourself if it fixes the problem and you kept telling yourself “nah, that cable is fine!” for weeks

Monitor and display are proper resolutions and refresh rates. Video games work flawlessly. Great latency, steady connection, no disconnects.

No WiFi.

I am using the ISP router currently for cable connection 600 mbp/s.
My previous ISP. I used 3 modems, one broke, they replaced, then I upgraded to a Edge router X. I could not use a 3rd party modem on their ISP. I contacted a technician. He suggested disabling as much from the ISP modem as possible and letting the Edge router handle it. Firewall, DHCP, etc.

The LAN cables are fresh from the new ISP.

I’d try disabling ipv6 (on your PC network settings) first to see if it is ipv6 related.

I had a number of issues like that with a particular ISP here that magically went away on ipv4.

I’m not saying that’s a permanent solution, but it will at least give you a line of inquiry to pursue if it does make things run better.

IPv6 routing can differ, if some firewall somewhere is doing dumb shit with icmpv6 then it can break TCPv6 window scaling (I think) - it breaks something anyway.

I can give it a shot. I am getting ready to sleep for the night. I will see what happens tomorrow.

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I´m assuming this is on Windows10?
Maybe you could do a quick test and boot from a Linux live usb stick.
And see if you can replicate the problem in Linux as well.
That way you can at least exclude that it could be hardware related or not.

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Thought I´m the only one with that Problem, lol. Not as brutal as for you, but i got Problems similar to yours. Browsing itself is fine, but youtube sometimes refuses to load 1440p and give me like 5Mbit/s connection speed to the Server, for whatever reason, but lower resolution is working just fine with full 100 Mbit connection speed. Speedtest is fine in that Situations. After a few days it works out itself and everything is fine for a while. In the Meantime, my brother doesnt have that Problem at the exact same time, with the exact same video in the same Browser. IDK what it is, but i expect a Youtube Problem.

Just my two cents.

EDIT: BTW, I live in Germany, I guess you are in the US? So seems like a “worldwide” Problem, IF its Youtubes fault. Maybe we are just stupid or whatever.

Ryzen 7, 32gb ram, Win10.
Lenovo T440, 16gb ram, Arch Linux.
Lenovo W541, 32gb ram, Win10.
Samsung Tablet A.
Roku TV stick.

All of them have same issue, except for the Roku. Streams flawlessly @ 1080p all day long.

The Samsung tablet is almost as stable. Still suffers from video quality switches and sometimes freezes until refresh when watching video. Just not as bad as the desktop and laptops.

I am almost wondering, if it has to do with the comcast modem? I was using a Ubiquiti edge X on my old 55 mbp/s internet from previous frontier ISP. Except I am not that tech savvy and they asked me about any network gear I am using specifically. I asked about using Edge router X to handle firewall and dhcp, etc. They told me It was unsupported.

Lastly, I have a unraid server as well on the network. Nothing unusual coming from it. It’s just a local media server and DVD ripper. With some casual game servers for LAN play only.

EDIT: this problem is annoying me so much. My girlfriend even thinks the new 600 mbp/s internet is slower than our old 55 mbp/s ISP.