SlimSAS to SATA breakout on WRX90E Sage?


I have done a bit of reading here but haven’t been able to find a certain answer, has anybody been able to get a SlimSAS to SATA breakout cable working on the WRX90E Sage? I am attempting to use this breakout cable:

I saw this post suggesting the SlimSAS ports might not support SATA mode but wasn’t sure if this was ever confirmed:

Does anybody know if there is a setting or something that needs to be changed in BIOS to get these SATA drives to work over this breakout cable or is it just outright not supported?


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ASUS support told me that these pelts don’t support SATA mode so this doesn’t appear to be possible currently :frowning:

I had a similar deal with the Supermicro H13SSL-NT board where only 2 of the 4 SAS ports could do SATA, rest were all NVME and shared lanes with the M.2 slots.

Didn’t care, but SATA is dying a rapid death in the enterprise compute realm.

You will soon only find SAS/SATA connectors on dedicated storage appliances with NVME everywhere else.

Even M.2 is on it’s way out and has effectively replaced internal USB ports for boot devices.

Welcome to the new age.