Slight Problem

I'm not fully sure if it's a gpu problem or not, but it sure as hell is my best guess. Basically, I was on my computer (I have no idea how this happened, but it did) The wireless network adapter fell off my motherboard while the computer was running. Don't ask how, because it was screwed in, and I have no idea how it happened, but it did.

When it fell out of the motherboard, it didn't hit anything, it was still there, but it was out of the socket. Anyways, when it fell out, my computer turned off. I'm like, oh great, this probably screwed everything up. So I took it out and tried to turn on my computer.

I turned it on, but I noticed that it was making less sound than usual. Usually, you can tell when my pc is turned on, but now for some reason when I turn it on, it seems very quite.

Not only this, but the computer turns on, everything seems to be working, all of the fans are spinning, but I get no signal on my monitor. Which makes me think it's a gpu problem. But I don't get how it would be the gpu if the thing that fell out was the wireless network adapter.


Anyone know what's wrong?

Have you checked the basics? cables ect? might be that your bios doesn't like the hardware change, did you put the network adapter back in?

unplug your computer and reinstall graphics card ... then check all connections make sure monitor is turned on lol

I tried both of those. I started with trying to reset the CMOS/BIOS, AND I tried putting the adapter back in; but nothing works.

Do you get any Post Beeps?

My guess is your wireless adapter shorted your GPU or something when it fell off your motherboard while your system was running. Your network adapter may have shorted a laundry list of components when it was moving about unrestrained inside your case.

Just start with the free stuff first ...  in no real order ...

  • Switch video cables from DVI  to VGA or to HDMI  (or visa versa) .......... Then try it.
  • Then try a different monitor or HDMI to your TV or something ................ Then try it.
  • Swap out your GPU ... or install your GPU into a different rig .................. Then try it.

If you don't have or can't borrow one ... you may have to purchase a $7 crap card @ local PC recycler just see if it works.

If using a different monitor while using a different GPU doesn't work ... it must be either your Mobo or PSU