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Sliger Conswole builds

Hello there! I thought it would be nice to share some pictures/specs for Sliger Conswole build for inspiration. Feel free to post yours bellow! :slight_smile:


  • Aorus z390i wifi pro
  • Kingston VLP ram 2x8GB
  • Intel i3-9300
  • Cooling:
    • Alpenföhn black ridge CPU cooler
    • 2x 120mm noctua fan (case)
    • 1x 120x25 noctua fan (heatsink)
    • 1x 120x15 noctua fan (heatsink)
  • 250GB nvme m.2 WD Black

Both CPU fans are pushing air down to cool motherboard as well. everything has 1mm gap between components, lower 120 fan is touching RAM locks just enough for it not being problem. Dimms are straight and all the way in.
I had no issue putting in 24pin, the only limitation is that heatsink is covering Pcie slot, but this case is using riser so no problem there.
Lower 120 fan is mounted by a single screw into the heatsink, it is very sturdy and wont go anywhere.

I dont remember the temperatures exactly but it was around 50-60°C with 100% load sustained after 15minutes with fans set to 900-1000rpm.
I built this for my parents as a super silent HTPC.
I’m sure it would be able to cool 6-8core on stock with more fan noise.

I’m not able to upload more than 2 pictures and links are blocked too :smiley: so just swap “,” for “.”,com/folderview?id=1tFjwVrMkRGHuQQsmAb_UUPngxeUxjMX9


Hello, and welcome to the forum!

You can’t post pictures/links yet because you aren’t Trust Level 1 (it’s a spam thing). It’s pretty easy to get, so if you hang around a bit you’ll ve able to.

Anyways, build looks nice! I am curious as to why the Z390 and not an H370? I’d figure the H370 would be cheaper?

I understand that I need to post more than 1 for to get verified, it’s no problem.

About that motherboard, I was buying it from one shop and I filtered requirements I had and H370 was not available at the moment.