SLI underperforming in Uniheaven

I'm looking at it now. One card is fully working while the other is really slacking off. First card at 1205mhz while the other is only at 405mhz. Same thing with mem at 3505 for first and only 324 for second. Same story with temp. What is going on here?

The cards are running at stock settings. Only my cpu is oc'd to 4.5ghz (fx-8350).

Please post your exact config here and a ungine benchmark result at 1920x1080 extreme preset.

fx 8350

sabretooth 990x mb

16 gb ram @ 1866mhz

2x770gtx msi twin frozr (2gb)

noctua nh-d14 cooler 


Results on extreme preset:



MAX: 104

Score: 1205

Sorry, the marks I posted were at the extreme setting but windowed 1600x900.

My bad, I had forgotten That I had been fiddling with the case earlier and unplugged one of the cards and the SLI profile switched off. Sorry everyone