SLI Question With My Build


Here is my build. This website says that PSU works with it. I have a friend who doesn't believe a 650 watt would be big enough to work. I already own everything except the 2nd 760. Should I return the PSU and get a bigger one, or will my current one work?

Thanks for the help Tek!

650W gold is certainly capable of running two cards in SLI. Most people recommend 750W for that extra headroom and certainty. You should be fine, in my opinion.

And you shouldn't place your email on display. I would advise getting your account deleted and then rejoin the forums with a new username. You're just asking for spam.

Thanks Berserker. I think I would be too. I just wanted to double check. I don't plan to upgrade for a while after this 2nd card.

Thanks for the advice, I didn't realize it was going to post my email like that, and awesome response time!