SLI Power Supply?

I was wondering how much power I would need to run 2 EVGA GTX 670 cause I was thinking 850W or 1000W. I would be running a 3570K OCed to  4.5GHz.

850W will be enough  but if money doesnt matter... higher is allways better.. ;)

No, it isn't. If you are running a 1250W PSU on only a 2-way SLI system, you won't be utilizing the full capacity of the PSU, which could easily lead to less efficiency. You might only get 80+ Bronze efficiency, or even worse, out of a normally 80+ Gold or Platinum PSU. For 2-way SLI, get a 750 or 850W PSU.

You're basically wasting money then.

Exactly. Get the PSU that fits your exact needs, with a little breathing room. Don't get a PSU that is hundreds of watts more than you need.

thats why i said 850W is enough, but if money doesnt count..

1000W is overkill, and waste of money. but a higher psu isnt bad for a system....