Sli, Mobo, and CPU questions

I decided that I will be getting a gigabyte 970 now. However, if I decide to upgrade to sli, will my AMD FX-8150 bottle neck it in 1440p? And if it does, should I upgrade to an i5/i7, an 8350, and what motherboard should I get to do these, as my current motherboard can't run sli. I will be doing basically all gaming on it, will get a 1440p monitor run a dual monitor setup with my current 1080p monitor. 

You will absolutely not bottleneck that CPU, and as far as the motherboard? Get what you need and like.

Yes it most definitely will. Not by a massive amount with on card but with 2 you will notice a lot.

depending on the games.

If there's no overclock, GTX 970s in SLI may be bottlenecked to some extent.  Also, it really depends on the game.  If the game prefers strong single core(s), then there would be a lot of bottlenecking.

Will it actually bottleneck? wow, Mind blown. Sorry for the incorrect information...

Yeah, the AMD chips nowadays are so outdated that they're more comparable to like 1st and 2nd gen intel i series CPUs, unfortunately :(

If I overclock to 4.0/4.2 ghz will that be enough to stop it? Or would I have to upgrade to like a 4690k/4790k?

If you have a golden chip, and are able to get to 4.7 then that will help massivly