SLI, how does it work?

Right, so I'm upgrading my PC by putting in another 760, so I'll have 760 2-way SLI, however, I'm not entirely sure how it works, is it as simple as plugging it in, and install some driver, or do you need to go to the BIOS or something like that?

I have windows 8.1 and I know my PSU is suffiecient



Apart from installation all you need to check is that it's enabled in the driver, which is usually automatic but anyway. Then hope that the games you play can take advantage of more than one card, which is not a given. In general I prefer waiting a little until one can afford upgrading to a single card that will be faster in every situation.

SLI is pretty simple once you know how

1. Install the card

2. Attach the SLI bridge

3. Go into Nvidia control panel, click configure SLI, Surround, Physx then select Maximize 3D performance.

4. Enjoy the speed boost.


don't let anyone fool you a second GTX 760 is a great option and you will love it, if for nothing else you will be able to configure it in a way that allows you to use one as a dedicated phsyx card on games that you can run with a single card normally like Hawken, it will smooth out all the fps dips when lots of particles are on the screen. Its also important to point out I am not saying just use it as a dedicated phsyx card only that you can do that as well as get performance boosts where needed. You can do this in the manage 3D settings, this is also how you turn SLI per game if a game has a problem with it ie Gmod.

  • Windows 8.1 and GTX 760s support SLI.
  • You should use an SLI bridge which probably came with your motherboard or you can buy one.
  • You can get by without the SLI bridge but it's usually recommended.

All my systems are SLI, and I've been using it since it exists. It's as easy as plugging power into the socket on your wall.

Only thing you have to do is check your Mobo documentation to see the recommended slots for your cards, link them with one of the bridges that came with your Mobo...And that's it, you're done hardware wise.

Install the latest Nvidia driver, right click on your desktop, enter Nvidia Control Panel and enable SLI...Then enjoy the power. SLI Scaling has gotten better, and better, so you will notice a huge performance boost.

PS> One thing to remember, every time you install an updated Nvidia driver you will have to enable SLI again...Following, of course, the same easy process. Some driver updates don't disable SLI, but most do...Just something to remember.

Enjoy your new computer, that is how the impact of a simple card will initially feel to you. Best upgrade you can get.


Right, thank you very, much everyone, it was basicly as easy as i thought it to be. Plug it in - install driver - enjoy 780TI performance for cheap money!

As i said, thanks for the help. I'll defently get around to doing it!

more like GTX 880 performance.... I have 2 GTX 660s and they can go toe to toe with a GTX 780 and sometimes the GTX Titan.

Well, there's been some leaks of the 880 details, a postal dude in china saw it when sending it. It's most likely either gonna have 8 GB or a version with 8 GB. Either way, I'm pretty sure that would kick my 2x760's arse.

Increased VRAM doesn't necessarily correlate to increased performance, unless you're gaming with intensive texture packs or high resolutions.

But 760s in SLI will be very close to at least the 780/780 Ti.

Btw, one more question, will i be able to split the power cabels between the cards, so one cable is used for the 6 pin connectors, and 1 for the 8 pin connectors, This would make cable manegment so much better, and easier to do.

that is psu dependent, you would need strong rails