SLI gtx980 build

Once upon a time.. there was this man.. he had a computer.. with a radeon 7970.. that's screen kept acting up, after hitting it a bit with a hammer.. decided the GPU had to go ! ( 2 year old gpu ) without any further testing.. he decided.. to get a GTX 980... Then he had another crazy thought... Why not TWO GTX 980's... Then he had ANOTHER CRAZY THOUGHT... WHY NOT GET ANOTHER CROSSOVER 27Q MONITOR? .... 1600$ later.. he cleaned his old pc that had the radeon 7970, updated the drivers and figured out it works perfectly...


Since i've got two gtx 980's and another crossover monitor enroute atm... why not have the most absurd idea ever, and create a whole new build just to play World of warcraft on two screens( i know sounds epic) 


I'm thinking of cramming two MSI gtx980's in a Mini-ATX build.. anybody know if/ how could this work? i want to create a monster in sheeps clothing basically, a compact build that has to be able to fit 2 of this huge GPU's and have a voltage of 700+ to maintain them, havent thought about which processor/ram/ssd since those are all secondary issues to once i figure out if i can build in it a small form factor


not really that epic. but ok. voltage of 700? 700 what? volts? lol. dont die please. make your measurements, then make them again, then buy a new case.

Simple answer, no!

There is not a single Mini-ITX Board out there with more than one PCI-E Slot.

And by the way, does WOW really need that kind of power? Even on two screens that seems a little over...

750W should be fine. They are really efficient.

290x in crossfire has better performance than gtx 980 in sli. but you use around 400watts for sli compared to the 700 of the crossfire setup.

Well... :< that sucks, i writing fast and forgot the W,

any tips for the building a new setup though? aside form the SLI, thinking of motherboard and cases that would handle it without being too excessive in size