SLI between different brands

Hello all,

I currently have an MSI TwinFrozr 770 OC in my rig, and my friend is willing to sell me his Asus Direct CU II 770 for a good price, so i was just wondering if these two graphics cards would work together in SLI.

Thanks in advance for the replies.

Should be fine. What is that price might I ask?

Brand doesn't matter when it comes to SLI or Crossfire. As long as it is the same "model", i.e. the GTX 770 in your case, any combination of cards will work. 

£100 he wants for it

thanks just wanted to make sure before i bought it, I have a 630 watt power supply do you think id need to upgrade or would it be okay for a while

What is the model of PSU? As long as it is a decent brand an Bronze certified you will be fine.

its a BeQuiet 630W hybrid modular PSU and it is 80 plus bronze