SLI Air and Water?

Hey guys quick question, how would a 980ti Lightning on air and a Reference 980ti on water sli together? Any foreseeable issues?

Both cards run at the same speed as the lowest card..
So you're more or less ending up with two 980ti reference cards.

Well of course I would OC the reference card to atleast keep up as best as possible.

Why would you want to run those in SLI?
Do you already have both?

I already have the lightning card and didn't realize they aren't making a gpu waterblock for it. At least EK isn't.

It's not a bad combo as the card between the 2nd GPU and the CPU is usually restricted in air flow and recirculates hot air. On my 2 x MSI cards the middle card was always running 10+ DegC above the other. AIO on the middle card and air on the 2nd card would be a logical upgrade.

That's the order I figured too. But it would actually be a custom loop instead of an AIO.

That's part of the reason I was asking was I wanted to do a full loop in my system after I upgrade the CPU. Originally I had 2 msi 980s so that would have been no issue but since I sold them and picked up the lightning without doing a tad bit more research I'm a bit stuck!