Sli 980 ti to hot to handle

Ok people i need your help just got my slef anouther 980ti soni have 980ti sli now woop woop. But it runs hot like 80 degrees hot. Would replaceing my case fans on the frount with noctuas help do people think

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HDDS probably aren't helping either.

I'd be trying to blow air at the cards from the side of the tower. The GPUs are pulling air in from below and mostly shooting it out either end of the card. So exhausting out the front of the case might help with that too.

Not my choice of orientation now for GPUs I prefer then vertical now.

Ok i have a air 540 case that a fairly big case. There is one slot between them and i have 3 120mm fans blowing at them from the frount. I could remove filter and see if that helps

Do you have any exhaust? I see the rear fan is also in an intake position. Also have you checked your GPU's fan speeds?

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I used to have that case, Great for cooling. So I am kinda surprised that the one card s getting that hot. Now that being said its not too hot just yet. One thing to do is take that fan in the back and put it the other way so its pulling air out. That way you have your air flow going from a front to back motion.

Also you could set up a custom fan curve for the one card thats getting a bit hot.

80C is ok for that to be running under load. Nvidia even states the max temp is 92C. Replacing front fans might help a little, if they are moving more air, but the problem is you have 2 non reference style coolers so half the hot air from the cards goes right back into the case.
Also your rear fan is set to intake, flip it so it exhausts air, and I would put the top radiator fans as exhaust also.

80°C is perfectly normal, nothing to worry about. I used to have 770s in SLI with no slots between them, and the top card would hit 93°C in Heaven or Valley.

As @GnomishViking said, a custom fan curve will see the temperatures drop.

Does the motherboard allow you to drop the bottom card one more slot? If so, would it become a problem with the hard drives at the bottom?

Maybe you can get a PCI extension and put the lowest videocard on the floor sideways facing the window of the case. If you're going to keep using flexible SLI bridges I think you're golden. Try to alling the SLI fingers as much as possible and you're good to go. You'll lose the video connectors but if you're not using them it's not that big of a deal anyway. If you want to keep a clean aestethic only a custom water loop for the GPUs is what will lower the top GPU temperature.

P.S. Delta fans 5200 RPMs are still an option. Just buy mile long extensions for your peripherals and you're done. Don't forget to fix the PC to the ground too.

change that back fan to an exhaust


if i were you i would get a case that allows more fans on the side that can blow directly on the gpu's.

There's plenty of fans the problem is he has 4 intakes 2 exhaust. too much positive pressure.

Too much and in the wrong direction more or less keeping the air static near the GPUs. Switing the back to exhaust too will move the air front to back and hopefully move some GPU air too.


I have 280mm fans as exsaurst in the top of the case

Still flip the rear.

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Don't look at the fans on your rad as exhaust fans. There more or less independent doing their own thing trying to push air through the rad making it an ineffective source as a case exhaust. Flip that rear fan around and it will help a lot.

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big boy on the side panel?

Try to change so your bottom card is main, because surely GPU1 is the hotter one right? Use MSI Afterburner or similar to ramp the fans, if needed go 100% while gaming. I think it will start to throttle at 92°C but of course your boost will be hit earlier than that.

Next time, go for reference card (blower style) if SLI, I have two 980's in SLI so I know, they get a bit hot esp. if ambient temp is high, guess we on the northern hemisphere are going for a cooler period now so.