Sli 660 or 780

is it worth having 2 660s in sli or 1 780 

also if i were to sli the 2 660s, are all 4 dvi ports accessible for display use at the same time?

Go for 270xs in xfire unless you really need CUDA. Also, since when do two 660s cost as much as a 780?

GTX 780 is faster than two 660's if I remember correctly.  Plus less issues going with one GPU vs two.  Two GTX 760's will be faster than a 780 though, and they cost the same.


A more powerful single GPU is always the better and more hassle free option.

I'm an advocate for a single, high performance GPU. It should draw less power, give you less of a headache. You can't use a dual GPU setup in a small form factor build.

I'm not one for counting FPS - That's not the only consideration that you should make.

I totaly agree with this, im personaly not a big fan of dual gpu setups, because there are some games that are badly optimized for it, and those games gonne be a pain in the but. also you need a more powerfull psu, and if you don´t have one, you have to spend extra money into it. For games that are good optimized for it, it will be great but, there are alot of games, that gonne be a pain in the but. So my advice just go single highend gpu. ☺

but what about something like the asus gtx 760 mars? Its 2 gpus but 1 PCB. That may be a better sli solution.