SLI 570 vs 770

Hey guys, i'm just wondering if anybody has any insight as to what i should do here?

I can either spend around $200 to grab myself another GTX 570 and SLI it, or i can sell my current one for around $200 and fork out my own $200 to upgrade to a GTX 770.


There are some trade offs here. I believe that the GTX 570 SLI might end up outperforming in some cases in terms of raw power, but then the 770 has the 7GHz memory with absolutely ridiculous overclocking potential.

Also, SLI 570s would be guzzling power. I'm not sure which option would be the better one, but i think i'm leaning towards the 770 right now, considering the benefit that the 7GHz memory would have.

lways go with one bigger card than 2 smaller ones


I agree with nwhiteman_42.  In most cases, it's better to go with a single card.  In this case, definitely do that. The GTX 770 may be a little slower sometimes, but overall it will be faster in games that don't scale well, it will draw less power, it will make less noise, and you won't have any issues with microstutter.  Plus you get some of the new features that come with the 700 series like GPU Boost 2.0, Adaptive V-Sync, and the amazing ACX cooler if you get the EVGA superclocked version (which you should!).

Actually yeah, i'm definitely going to go for the 770 now, considering things like GPU Boost 2.0, that damn nice ACX cooler and ShadowPlay.

Considering the 770 is quite literally just an improved 680, why didn't you consider getting a 680 when they came out? Seems weird that you skipped a gen only to get the exact thing you skipped.

the gtx 680 cost more, thats why.

Sell the 570 while you will still get a reasonable amount of cash for it. Your psu will no doubt breath a sigh of relief as well going with a single 770.

The GTX 570 SLI will be more powerful, but you'll run into more problems.

Sell that GTX 570, and get yourself a MSI GTX 770 Twin Frozr IV OC.

Actually yeah, i forgot that i'm using a TX650. Dual 570s would murder it.