SLI 560Ti or 7970?

Basically I have one ASUS 560 Ti card already, and I want to get higher frames on intensive games at max preferably over 60 FPS and be ready for the future (Crysis 3 for example). It would save me money to get a second 560 Ti but I've seen that the 7970 pack quite a punch for the price, my decision is to either buy a second gpu and save money, or sell the 560 Ti and with some extra money get a 7970, I'm willing to do either, whichever gets higher FPS, however if the difference was less than... say 5-10 FPS better on a 7970 that wouldnt be worth it for me, but anything more would be a yes, need anyones opinions other than mine :)

Well, two 560Ti's draw more power and produce more heat together and you wont be able to get 100% performance from both cards. So if you "only" get a 5-10 fps performance increase. You should go for whichever costs you less money and lasts you longer, i mean selling the 560 now will get you a couple bucks, but if you wait any longer they wont. Also since the 7970 is pretty new it'll be supported longer.

Personally I would get the 7970 now. Then in like a year or two or whenever you feel that isn't powerful enough anymore get a second 7970. More futureproof that way. At least that's how I see it. Plus you can sell the 560Ti to help pay for the 7970.

Yeah it seems to be the more logical choice to go with the 7970 the longer I think about it, thanks a lot for the help :)

imo, 7970