SLES 12 or 15?

I’m in the process of setting up a new Server for a Customer. They have bought a SLES Subscription with their Server. Since i’m not a Suse guy, and the Subscription is Version independent, i thought i’d come to you for support.
Afaik i have the option of going with SLES 12 SP 4 or SLES 15. Is 15 currently a stable release? Is there anything that would have me go with 12 over 15? I have not installed Suse in years, so am a bit at a loss. Anyone can chime in on that?

Afak 15 is in GA. Sorry most of my experience is with centos and arch… maybe @BryanLunduke will respond? Not sure if he’ll make you join pataron though.

SLES 15 is in GA, which is their term for Stable release.

SLES 12 is not going to be supported much longer. SLES 15 is the correct version to install.


Thanks, i appreciate the straight forward answer.


Happy to help.