Sleep/Suspend-to-RAM and Polaris?

Question is pretty simple, has anyone been able to successfully resume after suspend with a Polaris-based card?

This seems like something that should be pretty easy to Google, but I haven’t had a ton of luck with it. This feature seems to be pretty low on the list of what people consider to be important for Linux compatibility, probably because Polaris hasn’t landed in many laptops yet. The closest answer I’ve been able to find is this Reddit review of a laptop with an RX 540, which indicates that it doesn’t work at all.

Context for this is that I’m considering a hardware upgrade, which will probably involve splitting up my desktop system into two systems (one for gaming on Windows, one for everything else on Linux). My current system has an i5-3570K and an R9 280X. The 280X is based around the older GPU that still uses the radeonsi driver, and suspend doesn’t work. I’m not sure if using the amdgpu driver would fix it. The integrated graphics on the 3570K are too old to drive [email protected], at least officially, and my motherboard doesn’t have DisplayPort anyway.

So basically I’m wondering if something like Ryzen 5 + RX 550 would even be an option for the Linux system or if I should aim for a Haswell or newer Intel processor, where suspend has always worked flawlessly for me with the integrated graphics.

I’m running arch and have never had a problem suspending with my Rx 480 using pm-suspend.

When using sytemctl or GNOME to suspend my PC wakes up shortly after, but that’s not limited to the polaris GPU

Suspend working perfectly here with amdgpu on dual Rx580’s even.
It is arch linux also.