Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman Died today

Sad to hear that Jeff Hanneman died today. 

Rock In Piece Jeff!!


Awe Crap! Well cue up the Big Four vid and reflect. Never missed a show, lost a friend today


God damn, I seen em for my first time a couple years ago, it was my first concert. What a shame, they were still going hard, rock in peice Jeff! Gunna have to pour one for the dead tonight... 

Sad news and right out of the blue even though I knew he had the whole spider bite situation.


: (

Clearly, god hates us all.


Sorry, was that in poor taste? Still tragic.

I love slayer. This make me very sad =(

RIP Jeff



I'll just leave this right here...Jeff would have wanted it that way


very sad news. such a talented muso. he will be missed.

time to revisit some slayer magic i say.

Can't imagine if the spider bite had really taken him. But nonetheless, this is where good bands starts to become endangered. Such a sad, black day...


Rest In Peace Jeff.


My absolute favorite band of all time. I've seen them at least 10 times, met all of them twice. They are all just normal, cool ass dudes. 

FFS. RIP Jeff. Your'e gonna be missed. Thank you for what you left us with though.