Slaughter of the Bluegrass

You guys need to check these guys out, especially Logan, as I remember reading that you liked Bluegrass!

They are a Bluegrass band that covers Metal songs and they are simply amazing!

Check this out

Original song; Punish My Heaven - Dark Tranquility


Original Song; Blinded by Fear - At the Gates


Bump for fantastic Bluegrass.

sounds good!

this rocks my socks back into their proper drawer... wtf?

I must acquire it!

I don't think they have an album out...I have found them on some band's forum on Ultimate Metal.

Here you can vote on the poll for other songs for them to cover.

I voted for;
[color=#ffffff]Edge of Sanity - Twilight
Edge of Sanity - Elegy
Hypocrisy - Rosewell 47
Dark Funeral - My Dark Desires
Dissection - The Somberlain
In Flames - Stand Ablaze


hahaha thats so fucking cool

sounds cool