Slackware 14.2 Stable released

Thu Jun 30 20:26:57 UTC 2016 Slackware 14.2 x86_64 stable is released!

I haven't used Slackware in a long long time. You got any thoughts on it? Has it changed much since.. 8 years ago?

Can't say, 8 years ago I was almost completely off the grid. From about 2003-2010 I was down to a stereo system, a landline telephone and an old HP programmable calculator for electronic devices. When I finally got a computer again in 2010 I wanted to move away from the pre-loaded Micro-Soft system. I looked into alternatives and Slackware and FreeBSD seemed to be mentioned as some of the most classic UNIX like options out there. Decades ago when I was studying computer science I cut my teeth in the UNIX shell and X windows environment. So for running my amateur web server with apache. php. ,mysql/maridadb, writing my amateur programs, compiling stuff with the gcc suite, running cron jobs, etc. etc. it's been great. And since it's Slackware and FreeBSD that I've chosen to delve into they've forced me to learn some things the hard way, which is how I've always operated.