Skywind (morrowind made into skyrim engine)

I was browsing Reddit and i came across a post about skywind being made into the skyrim engine and naturally i got curious. They are in alpha 0.8 and are expected to release sometime next year. I have played around with skywind and it is very nice. and i am also looking forward to Skyblivion as well.

They are also working on skyblivion link here

Skywind Seyda Neen


skywind alpha 0.8 download link-

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Let me start by saying i grew up playing morrowind. I may have been too young to understand what to do or where to go, But i enjoyed hours and hours playing being fascinated with it. I played it on xbox and i would run around Balmora and Vivec playing around stealing things, fighting, Doing some quests. i knew about skywind for a while now but when i came across the youtube channel i had a sense of what i think is sadness, Because it reminds me about how games used to be and how sucked in i was into Morrowind.

Morrowind perhaps is one of the greatest games ever made and will always be a beloved game by me. When i go back to play it i cant i have to play it with mods and with the mods i have (thanks to logan) i could actualy play it but i lost interest fast. I still never beat Morrowind but that didnt stop me from logging hours and hours of fun. My favourite town would probably be Balmora. The only quest i remember and can still do today is the quest for Caius Casaius i can remember everything to do in that quest. Long story short i Loved Morrowind and i get sad when i see it being remade its a joyous sad though. I cant wait for this to be released. I played Morrowind on Xbox mostly. How much did you like Morrowind, Have you plated it?

Thank you for reading.

I'm looking forwards to trying this out. I had over 400hrs in morrowind when I was young. I currently use the morrowind overhaul 3.0 and really enjoy running around in that when I feel nostalgic. I would also love to see the oblivion version. 

Id be looking forward to it if I had a computer that could run it at a decent framerate! :) But I sunk at least 500+ hous into morrowind back in the day and loved every minuete of it! Morrowind really to me was the last great elder scrolls game, even though I hated the vanilla notebook/quest system with a passion! I personaly think the vanilla graphics still hold up to this day.