Skywell e release date

when do you guys think skywell e will be released, im hoping for sometime in late 2015 and do you think well finally get an nicely priced 8 core and what i mean by that is the x820k will finally be an 8 core and the x960x will be 12 or 10 core.


edit- also put in your thoughts on amds next fx chips and what you think their specs /performance will be.

skywell-E will never be released.

Skylake E maybe in 2017 BUt there is realy nothing to say about this.

First we will maybe see a broadwell-E chip on current X99 platform, arround end 2015 maybe...

But nobody can look into the future

if its 2017 then im really disappointed, hoped to build a new rig in 2015 or early 2016.


That isnt a problem is it?

Till the end of this year, you will have enough options to choose from.

it all depends on what you wanne do with your system mainaly. Since nobody can look into the future, wenn its arround end 2015 and you are ready to build a new system, then you can allways open a topic to ask any advice.

We are all willing to help. ☺

well i just want skylakes pcie 4.0 support with voltas 1tb bandwidth, the new architecture and of course a 350 dollar 8 core though i would buy it if it ended up being a 6 core, the x820k that is.

You do realise that we dont even use up the bandwidth of PCIe 2.0 even with high end SSD's let alone the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0. The largest bottleneck is the CPU. There was a benchmark a while back of Intels new enterprise PCIe SSD on a 4770k or similar (Might have been a 3770k) It used about 90% of the cpu during transfers. Even if you had the next top end CPU with 8 cores, There is no way your going to use up all the bandwidth of PCIe 4.0

I agree with Angel. Skylake E will probably be a couple years out. And as far as AMD's next architecture, it won't be ground breaking. At best I hope they're able to match the haswells in performance. A bigger jump than that just seems unreasonable considering their RnD department, or lack their of... Moving on throughout 2015, Intel is definitely going to be the top dog in pure performance, and AMD will just suffer even more than they are right now.

But then, AMD has been able to pull out some "witchcraft" in the past. Only time will tell.


you know speaking of their budget i was thinking why not, this is completely off subject by the way, have government subsidized competition. where if one company is really down you lend them a hand with some cash so they have money to spend on r and d, and they must spend it on that. its not a loan either. completely free as long as they spend on the money on what was specified. so is this a horrible or great idea, i mean we can spare a few billion, just take it out of the over inflated military budget which should be cut down.