I have modded skyrim to the extent that I get around 27 FPS on a HD 7950.

Completeley worth it.

What about you?


i get about 60 now with sharpshooters enb on a 660ti, but it sometimes drops down to 20 in cities(skyrim better cities mod) and also in the taiga it has a very big drop down to 24 ish.

definitley worth it in my book :D

Huh. My Skyrim still runs at playable FPS, can you recommend me any mods to fix that?

True Vision ENB and some texture mods should "fix" that problem.


download some of the hd texture reskins, dont know what the guys nexus name is but its bitstrap. he mad a full 4 re-texture for the game, and download some enhanced lighting mods for skyrim as well. and download some water mods to get rid of the ugly ass water(obviously console made). then download skyrim cities enhanced or whatever to add stuff to cities that makes them look amazing.