Skyrim with Integrated CPU Graphics

I recently ran into trouble when trying to run skyrim using my CPU (i5 2500k) integrated graphics. My system right now does not have a graphics card, but my mobo does have Integrated graphics. The problem is that when going I to the skyrim options only my motherboards integrated graphics show up. My integrated cpu graphics run other games fine and even show up in graphics adalters in other elder scrolls games like oblivion. Disabling my motherboards integrated graphics completely is not an option because I use it to connect to my monitor. What could I do to fix this problem?

Getting a dedicated GPU. First off, Intel motherboards do NOT have integrated graphics these days. The last ones to do that is the old socket 775. The integrated graphics is on the CPU. Second, it just might a little too much for Skyrim. Other Elder Scroll games are significantly older, with graphics that aren't as demanding. Just throwing some speculation here, but Tom's Hardware pegs the Intel HD3000 gpu in the same league as the ATi Radeon 9800XT and the HD 2400 XT amongst a few other, slightly faster GPU's and according to this Wiki, some of those GPU's (including the 9800XT) are in the land of unplayable, while others can only handle the lowest settings. Again, the HD 3000 might not be enough for even lowest settings.

If you want to play with IGP/APU I would reccomend AMD Trinity series APU's, get an A8 5600k or A10 5800k... Sooner or later you will want to overclock, Hyper 212 Evo will do the job nicely. A8/A10 k's TDP is about 100watts but if you don't plan to overclock rightnow you can undervolt and clock to a A8 5500/A10 5700 to have a TDP of around 65Watts. GPU's of APU's are decent for gaming at 720p and in some games at 1080p, most popular games like Battlefield 3 and Crysis 3 support Dual Graphics/CrossfireX so you could buy a Radeon HD 6670 1gb DDR3 and go Dual and have significant improvement in performance to be comparable to Radeon HD 7770...

The whole APU build won't cost you more than 450-500$ if you decide to have Radeon HD 6670 1gb DDR3 for Dual Graphics, anyway Richland APU's are out this month on 19. About 10-15% faster in CPU and about 20% in GPU than Trinity, Richland uses the same socket the FM2 and then you can go Dual Graphics with Radeon HD 7xxx series.

(edited a bit, I was rushing, forgot to add why it would cost 450-500...)

For price of i5 2500k you can get A10 5800k and Radeon HD 6670 1gb DDR3 and go Dual Graphics, mainstream games will support it nicely like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Dead Space, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead 2...

Did you really just recommend going from a 2500k to an A8-5600k? *headdesk*

And for the record, Richland is a refresh of Trinity, not a successor. Kaveri will be the actual successor armed with Steamroller + GCN.

An APU + motherboard would cost about $200, in which case, the OP could a 7870, and play Skryim at Ultra 1080p, instead of medium 720p.

ok metalwarrior, enough is enough, from now on out i will make it my mission to troll and mock every post you make. your a blind fanboy and your not helping amd, your actualy makking amd look bad, by makking impractical suggestions in any thread with no regard for subject context. you have been warned bro.

Metal warrior just stfu if you dont know what your talking about.

on an HD3000 he wont be able to play it a 720P medium, mabye low

the HD3000 is more or less equivalent to a Geforce FX 5700, HD4000 a 6600GT, and (with 25% improvement) the HD4200 in haswell would be equivalent to a 7800GT

whats your budget for a graphics card?


Damn, I missread what he wants... Dude you are fucked with Intel HD 3000 Graphics. I apologise I rushed, I thought he wants to buy and play on IGP.

My bad, really. Sorry. Damn... If you got the cash buy Radeon HD 7870, I think its a sweetspot for price to performance...

yeh I had the a10-5800k and I ran skyrim medium settings at 30 fps average.

Eh, if you are looking for cheap thrills, the Radeon HD 7770 is a pretty good buy, that or a Geforce GTX 650 to 650Ti range is pretty awesome for the money. Especially if ally ou really want to do is play skyrim. Just make sure, if you've installed game mods like the high-res texture pack, to get the graphics option with the greatest amount of VRAM. It is important. Also, Intel integrated graphics is on the CPU itself and not on the motherboard, and really is only designed for media playback, encoding, decoding and that sort of thing. Think about what an HTPC does.

Im getting a 680 in like 2 weeks, I was just wondering if I could get skyrim to work for now even if it is like medium 720 p