Skyrim with ENBs at 1440p?

Hey there folks. I just recently switched to a 21:9 ultra-wide and the only game that runs a little choppy on me is of course my modded Skyrim.

Anyone have any suggestions for a more performance-friendly ENB I may be able to try? My rig can run Skyrim beautifully on 1080p but who wants to do that?!?

When I switched to 1440p (not ultra-wide though) , the easiest way to gain some frames back for me was to turn off the Depth of Field I had running. Gained a solid 10-15 frames back from this. If you have DoF currently and can live without it, turn it off.

Wow...I didn't even think of that! Yeah, I really like to go back and forth between Sharpshooters and Potpourri and my 980 kingpin was more than plenty to let me max out both of those. As soon as I switched to 1440 though that all changed.

On a side note, however, for anyone out there that is thinking about making the switch to 21:9 (at any aspect ratio) DO IT!!!! Games are so immersive now it's not even funny.

Can't wait to see @Logan review the ultra-wide that LG gave him.

Have you tried Ruby ENB? It looks pretty good with NLA

No I haven't. Sorry, but what's "NLA?"

NLA is, in my opinion one of the best looking weather mods on the nexus NLA

I meant Rudy enb :P Rudy enb

Like the first poster said, DoF can be turned off. With some ENBs, AO doesn't make much of a difference and can be turned off for extra frames too. Fiddle with settings and you'll get it working how you want.