Skyrim Texture Mods Failing


I just bought Skyrim and i am trying to install the 2K texture pack (the 4 parts) i have tried copying all the contents (texture folders) into the data directory but the game isn't picking them up or replacing the ingame textures.. well it doesnt look like 2k any way.

Any ideas..



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Try using a mod manager.

You can also try launching SkyrimLauncher.exe in your Skyrim directory.  Click "Data Files" and make sure the mod(s) appear(s) in that list.  If so, then you'll want to make sure the boxes next to the mod are checked.  If the mod doesn't appear here after dropping the textures in your data directory, then you may have done something incorrectly; in which case, I recommend using a mod manager.  It's makes the whole process faster and easier.

I also recommend checking out the videos I have linked in the following thread...

Extremely helpful stuff.

Good luck!

Thanks for the comment, I am using the Nexus mod manager and its not showing up in the list.. I tried adding the mod with the mod tool but there like 4 parts to the mod and it doesnt allow more than one of the same name (it shows up as the same name in nexus mod manager)

So yeah i am lost thats for sure.

I also tried extracting the contents and installing into my created textures folder in data... still no luck

This is the mod i am trying to use

Yes it does. 

First off, since you already tried installing mods, you will have to go into steam, and delete the local content of skyrim, and then reinstall it. Only USE NMM for installation of mods, until you know your way around,

Secondly, after you open the first part of the mod, when you try to open the second, it will ask you if you want to "update" or "replace" the other mod. Select No. Then it will be added as a second mod, same with the other part.


@OP Modding can become a tedious process if you aren't careful. I highly encourage you to take the time to watch some of those tutorials. It'll make your life a hell of a lot easier. I also recommend creating folders and storing all your mods there. It helps keep things tidy. Once you add a mod to NMM, you can rename the file by clicking it, pause for a moment, then click it again.  Add something to the name so that you can remember which mod is which.

For reference, here's how I named the Skyrim HD 2K Textures...

Dont worry i got it installed, NMM was creating the names of the files and trying to say they were the same file... so i just renamed them, it works fine now..


Thanks for the links man they helped sooo much.

But by any chance to you know the mod that smooths/softens the edges of bridges and wood etc I cant remember what the mod was called.

Oh and how did you add images to this website, can i do it without external image hosting O.o

Im new here obviously lol

No problem. Glad I could help. I think the mod you're referring to is called Static Mesh Improvement Mod.

You add images by uploading your image to your favorite image hosting site, then you click the "Insert/Edit Image" tool on the bar just above the comment box. You paste the direct link to the image in the Image URL box, and then click insert.

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