Skyrim / Streaming PC Build

I am looking to build a new rig. Here is the current build I was thinking of going with.

I was looking at a 6 core because my common daily load at any given time is:
Modded Skyrim (ENB "Somber", 2-4k textures, 450+ mods, tons of scripts, 80+ npcs) It can bring the best PC's to it's knees @10-20fps outside.
Watching Twitch / Streaming
6-10 Web Tabs open
Rain Meter
Bandicam / Fraps (Recording games)
Music running sometimes

My i5 has been able to run every game I throw at it, Dying Light being the latest. I have just hit a wall with scripts and speed with my Skyrim.

As to my GPU I got a Radeon HD 7950 3GB 384-bit. But not happy with AMD's lack of support with ENB's. So going with 980 8gb when they come out in march since Nvidia is what the creator of ENB based his code around. A modded Skyrim has a 4gb cap due to it being a 32bit engine, so with a ENB you can expand that with Ram and GPU size.

I been told liquid cooled is loud and air cooled can do the job just as good if not better. So with that note been looking at the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. Fans (140mm) I been tossing around Noctua or Phanteks. What do you guys suggest?

So do you think a 4 core will keep my daily workload flowing or stay with a 6 core? A lot of people, who I am not sure understand what a modded Skyrim consists of, are saying get the 4 core i7.

Overview of Parts:

CPU - Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core Processor

CPU Cooler - Corsair H100i 77.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

Motherboard - Asus X99-PRO ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard

Memory - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory

Storage - (Got already) Samsung 850 EVO-Series 500GB 2.5" Solid State Drive "Skyrim / MO" & 250GB for OS

Case - Corsair 750D ATX Full Tower Case

Power Supply - EVGA SuperNOVA 1000G2 1000W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

GPU - 980 8gb "When it comes out in March"

I am open to any suggestions, this is why I posted here. Love this site for great peeps that aim to help out.

Should be good. I would avoid the hyper 212 evo if you're going to game and stream at the same time. The Corsair h100i should be sufficient enough, but if you're looking for quiet gaming take a look at the Noctua NH-D15. For a little less you get quieter and slightly better performance. Also x99 is quad channel so i would definitely suggest for you to get 4 sticks of ram so that you can utilize the 4 channels. At the moment going past 4gb of vram is kind of pointless...if you look up benchmarks on games that run graphics cards with 8gb of vram it gets kind of pointless unless you go 4k gaming...which isn't really a great idea for a little while. Everything else seems great!

Quad core should be sufficient, i use my 4790k with streaming and skyrim at times with my 780. I do the whole modding bonanza with it like logan does with his. I get pretty good frames. Personally i'd save the money and go 4790k and use the difference for maybe a second card or upgrading your monitor , hardware, or even going liquid cooling to push it hard!

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Do not use the 100i, there have been a few build and driver issues that a good percentage of the buyers have complained of. Since the 110i is also on backorder due to the cold destroying the reservoirs, I suggest the h110 or h105 instead from corsair. For other aio water coolers, the Nzxt kraken x61 is very decent, as is the nepton 280l and the swiftech h240x.

Hyper 212 evo is indeed a very good cooler, if you don't plan to oc, or do it very lightly. A better cooler would be needed. Under 100 usd you want air cool as closed loops at that price point are usually garbage, or extremely loud. Over 100usd, that is personal preference as there are good heatsinks, but most people jump on the water cool bandwagon at that point regardless.

If you want air cool, a far better bet would be the noctua nh-d14 or d15, depending on what fits better. That specific cooler can easily compete with most closed loops in temps. The swiftech and nepton will be maybe 1-3 degrees cooler on average, but price is dully noted at this point (ruling in favor of the noctua or phantek). Swiftech aio can also be upgraded into a custom loop as it has a stronger pump and larger reservoir than needed (for that very purpose); it also works more efficiently due to the stronger pump speeds, thus explaining the price difference to the other aio brands. I own the h240x myself, and it is quite silent when pwm is set correctly.

For storage, your ssds are good, but you really should have an hdd for regular data, so you do not limit the lifespan on your ssds due to constant writing.

Other than that, got nothing else I find changing.

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Comparing a Hyper 212 to a H100i which is 3 times as expensive isn't really fair. If you do want to overclock(why wouldn't you on X99?), go with the Noctua NH-D14/NH-D15 or Phanteks PH-TC14PE (I think that's the model - it's the dual tower cooler). These are much quieter and about on par with any 240mm all-in-one cooler out rightn ow.

The rest of the build looks pretty solid. I think that 1000w is a little bit on the overkill side, but this depends on how many GPUs you plan to put in here and how much you want to overclock them.

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This build would do more than enough to run Skyrim and all of that Modded Goodness. And I can tell you if you're going to take the full advantage of PC Skyrim you won't to run Mods ... A lot of Mods!

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Thank you for the info on the x99's quad channel utilization suggestion. I was just going to get two sticks of 8gb. :D

Thanks, between you, Mafis and Some_Tech_Noob I'll check out the NH-D14 / 15. As for HDD I got a few for my normal games like Dying Light and FPS that update a lot. Should I not use the 250GB SDD for my OS? I'll be using my 500GB for Skyrim and Mod Organizer, thinking if both of them are on the same drive, it might help with load time. ATM I got skyrim on the 250 with MO on a HDD and people say to run them on the same drive.

I am not planning on using 2 GPU's, Skyrim can only use one anyways and I would think a 980 8gb should run any game that comes out in the next 3 years. As too the power supply what would you suggest? I liked the non wire plug ports of the SuperNOVA.

Oh brother I been modding it for almost 2 years and got 1200hrs playing it (same time in modding). My MO folder is 272GB and think its over 2k mods. I only use around 450+ mods tho and always maxed on .esp's :( Check out my screenshots: and some more on here

But again, I am ever grateful for the help and suggestions. I plan on going big this time around so I am set for the next few years and focus on other projects, like my kids. :D Skyrim is my main hobby but like I have said hit a wall in how much I can cram into it.


If you're only running one GPU, then 1000w is incredibly overkill. Your system should only draw around 400 watts under full load @ stock clocks. I picked up a 650w power supply - you have PLENTY of room for overclocking. This should also have some cables which are removable. Some are hard wired, but those are usually the ones you'll definitely need for building a PC.

GTX 980 is just a placeholder.

Cheaper RAM. I went with a quad-channel kit since X99 can take advantage of quad-channel RAM technologies.

Case is personal preference, but a build like this doesn't need a full tower. A mid tower ATX case like the Define R4/R5 or NZXT H440 would work nicely as well.

//edit lol i forgot the link:

Thanks for the fast reply and link to the parts. I'll do a little more homework than. Much Thx!


If you have more than one ssd, it really doesn't matter which one you use for your boot or for applications. What I meant for regular data pertains more to videos, audio, text, files you are editing and so on. The issue with an ssd is that it doesn't have moving parts like an hdd, thus less chance of failure from vibrations, etc; however, the drive does have a different limit in regards to how much it can be written and re-written. That being said, certain drives and brands have amazing build quality. Such as a samsung 850 pro have a 10yr warranty in which it truly does live up to that even with constant use. Intel and crucial are also very good on that regards. But even then, might as well be efficient with what you use.

Programs themselves will act more as reading from the ssd (aside from updates, etc), so it will not decrease the lifespan by much. If you were putting all files on your ssd, you will likely have to replace it somewhat sooner. The rule of thumb is that you keep what you use most, or for things rendered or edited, more important and current files you are working on, on your ssd.

I hope that explains it a little bit better.