Skyrim sounds messed up

ive recently been trying to get into playing skyrim but the thing thats making it hard is the sound in the game when i interact with a npc i can baley hear them and i have to read the on screen text i have no idea why this happens and it only happens in skyrim im using win 10 with the latest AMD drivers im using a r9 270 and a fx 4130

what speakers do you have? Does it get louder when you look away from them as if your ear was pointed towards them in game?

the only times a i notice it are when im talking to a npc not when im listening to any other sounds ill do some testing tomorrow when im home from college to see if its bad when they are talking and im not talking to them im using the SADES SA-708 and im hopefully getting the hyper x cloud headset soon

ive just tried to see whats its like when i dont talk to them when they just say something without me interacting and its the same i have to turn so they are to my left or right to hear them properly

go to control panel -> sound -> and change you're sound settings (you might be at 7.1 settings but only have a dual channel surround headset/monitor speakers)

If you have the game on steam good job

There might be a mod / patch that fixes this in the workshop. Look around, there should be one