Skyrim revisited - any good DLC sized mods?

I know Skyrim is rather dated, but I recently wrestled Skyrim (not SE!) onto an Optimus laptop running Linux. Everything is working, including Nvidia graphics acceleration, Mod Organizer, SKSE, etc., though I’m not brave enough to try an ENB. I’ve played the main quest to death, and I can revisit Dawnguard and Dragonborn, but I’d like to try some fresh DLC sized content. I’ve played Falskaar and Vigilant, so I’m not interested in those, but would love other suggestions.

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So many mods haha
I’d suggest (likely you already know this) just checking the tops at Nexus.

Heard of Enderal?

It is a total conversion mod. Can be a bit tricky to install with Mod Organizer, Gopher has a guide:

This is how I have it set up, makes it easy to switch from Enderal and Vanilla Skyrim/Modded thanks to Mod Orgs profiles. Basically first installing Enderal in a profile, then fixing the Skryrim profile (using the backup the Enderal installer creates). Gophers guide is very thorough.

Enderal has won several awards, and they are even working on an expansion! SureAI rocks. I’ve tried some ENB with enderal, didn’t work well. I’ve seen that there are more specific Enderal ENB profiles nowadays, but haven’t tried any


If your looking to mod a vanilla play through, Interesting NPC’s is a must!

Anything by Trainwiz is pretty amazing.

The Forgotten City is fantastic.


Interesting NPCs is indeed a very good mod. But I’ve done the main quest many times and explored every square inch of Skyrim proper, so I’m really looking for new areas to check out.

I’ve heard good things about Trainwiz, but I’ve also heard that he likes to break the fourth wall a lot, which ruins the immersion for me. Is that true?

In Wheels of Lull it works because of the weird parts of Elder Scrolls it takes from.

Enderal would be, um, an interesting experiment. It requires .NET 4.5 which I’ve never used under Wine before. Wine’s app db says it works, so it might be possible.

I love Gopher’s tutorials. He even profiled one of my mods once…

EDIT: Nope, Enderal launcher crashes hard when I try to launch it inside Wine, even after installing ,NET 4.5.

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Aww, sucks. I’ve tried fiddeling with .NET 4.5 in wine. Seen guides how it is supposed to work but never got it working on my opensuse tumbleweed install.

I just downloaded one called Fakslaar, so far I’ve been enjoying it. (Works on Skyrim and Skyrim SE)

Basically another DLC sized piece of content from what I can tell. I think about 100 people worked on it. Most of the voice acting is pretty good as well.

@Naramon Nope, one guy put in over 2000 hours to produce Falskaar, and did it by himself (well except for the voice actors.) The guy who wrote it wanted to put it on his resume, and he ended up with a job at Bungie. Not sure what he’s been up to lately.

And, yes, I’ve already played Falskaar. I guess I’ll replay Dragonborn (only been through once or twice) and play through Bruma.