Skyrim Realistic Outdoors ENB's

Just opening up a thread for suggestions on ENB's designed around realism that, preferably, don't hit performance too terribly. I've tried a few things thus far, including Realvision, Poupouri v 0.217, and Truevision, and so far, I've found Truevision to be my favorite. I think it does the best job of making the game environment feel like the actual outdoors. But I'd love to hear suggestions if anyone knows of some others that are worth a go. And feel free to post some rig specs, fps, and that sort of thing as well if you like. 

Hey bud!

Aeon ENB (realistic preset) has some nice looking exteriors, I would also say that Seasons of Skyrim has a very nice outdoors settings. FPS is pretty much the same to Realvision for me (8350 + R9 290).

I personally use K ENB (northern lights) which is beautiful in my opinion, has some really nice warm sunrises/sets and gives you a real chill on rainy days and in snowy regions. My FPS takes more of a hit compared to those stated above, but is well worth it for dem visuals! 

You can check out some screenshots on my FLICKR :)                                                                                      (The last few rows are using K ENB :) )