Skyrim MODs For my Laptop?

Just saw the Logan's Skyrim Mod List & ENB Settings video and It got me thinking! 

Could I get some recommendations for low system impact mods for using on my laptop? I only just started playing Skyrim and am suck using my laptop till my new desktop Rig is finished. 

Here are the setting I play on and the hardware I use (settings based on GeForce Experience optimization) 


Actor Fade: 15,000

Anisotropic Filtering: 16 Samples

Antialiasing: off

Decal Quantity: Ultra

Distant Object Detail: Ultra


Grass Fade: 7

Item Fade: 15,000

Light Fade: 35,000

Object Detail Fade: Off

Object Fade: 6,000

Reflect Land: True

Reflect Object: True

Reflect Sky: True

Reflect Trees: True

Resolution: 1366x768

Shadow Detail: Medium

Specularity Fade: 20,000

Texture Quality: High


GPU: GeForce GT635M

CPU: i5 - 3210M @ 2.50GHz

Memory: 5.86GB

Driver version: 326.41

OS: Windows 8


The laptop runs hot as hell on these settings, but always over 30FPS and never had any shutdowns, crashes or artifacts. 

Well there are some mods that won't change performance. But I will say that if your laptop gets that hot it will eventually crap out on you. I went through 2 laptops doing stuff like that before I went to desktop. 

Its still under warranty, and I have excellent insurance too! (the temps are high 70's maxed for GPU and 60's for the CUPs)

So.........what are these MODs you talk of!? 

Well I must say high 70's for a laptop is really really really bad for it. But whatever floats your boat. Pretty much any texture mod will decrease your performance due to a higher level of graphics. Mods that add things or change them shouldnt most of the time. If you use steam or the nexus to get your mods somtimes they will say there is no performance loss in the description. I would just warn you not to over do it since your already running at 30fps and have that high of temps.

Thanks Kev, will have a hunt through the Nexus.