Skyrim Mods Advice

Greetings! I recently picked up the DLC for Skyrim so I am going to start playing it again. I have only played the vanilla version as my old rig was not very capable. However my new computer has a bit more power. So my question is which mods should I get and where should I get them from? I would prefer catchall mods but anything that makes the game better is good.

Also I would like to keep the performance as close to 60fps (@1080p) as possible.

PC Specs: 3570k (light overclock @4.2), 8gb ram 1600mhz, GTX 780 (overclocked version @1097mhz).

Thank you for your time.

Get them from nexus mods. Here is Logan's old mod list, it is a good starting point:

Be sure to use BOSS when you're done installing mods, it will rearrange them to make sure there are no conflicts.

Be aware that you can certainly create a free account with Nexus Mods, you just don't click on any of their checkboxes for paid accounts. This is a bit of mental trickery on their part and is very clever.

If you aren't familiar with modding, I highly suggest you take some time to READ. Don't just throw tons of mods together and think it's all gonna work without issues. I also suggest that you go to the thread above and check out the videos that I have linked there. I found them to be extremely helpful.

Good luck!


Beware of Logan's mod list. If you are aiming for 60 fps @1080p, you may not get that with the mods he uses. I recommend that you follow that beginner's guide, and then create your own list. Have fun with it. I think I have spent more time modding my game than I have actually playing it lol.

Does anybody know what enb Logan was using in his review of the 780 ti?

I am disappoint.  Picked up Skyrim finally for $7.50 last night and immediately spent 2 hours deciding which mods to add.  Most of the good ones are on Nexus, but I had problems registering last night, and now "The administrator is currently not accepting new membership registrations"

Yeah they are having issues with account creations.  Until they can fix the issue there will be no more new accounts.

It seems everyone trying to create a new account ended getting lumped in to one profile with the user name "Haletudsen".