Skyrim Modding Problems?

I recently started a new game in Skyrim with all the DLCs, I have a large amount of mods, and haven't had any problems except the Companions quest Hired Muscle. The instructions for the quest are to intimidate Sven in Riverwood, when I engage Sven there is no dialog option for the quest any suggestions? I don't think I can console reset the quests on Farkas or it would mess up the entire Companions quest line.

Hey :)

Could you clarify 'engaging with Sven'? 

Do you mean:

A) You can't talk to him after fighting him? - Try a 'Calm' spell or 'Voice of the Emperor' power

B) You can't talk to him while fighting him? - Try 'sheathing' your fists

C) You can't talk to him before fighting him? - Try completing the quest regarding him and Faendal first

If you don't mind just having the quest completed, open the console and type "Setstage cr04 100". A quest update will appear telling you, you've completed it and can carry on your way.

I think I recall being able to talk to Farkas saying something along the lines of "I don't want to do this" and he will either cancel the quest or assign you a different target. 

Hope this helps :)

You can skip that part and change the quest stage. 

SetStage CR04 20

This should fix your problem.

My problem is along the lines of C, I completed the quest related to Fendal, but when talking to him there was no option to start dialouge to start a fight with him, I will most likely just use the quest complete command, I think that alternate start may be whats messing up his dialoge because the dragon sighting happens differently

Thanks, I will probably do this if once I reload the save I have the same problem.

Hmm that's quite odd.

Yeah, the console command is probably you're easiest option but if you don't want to go that route, you can just change target :)

That's odd, I wouldn't have thought that could cause the issue but this is Skyrim modding!