Skyrim mod project

I was wondering if anybody would want to make a skyrim mod in the creation kit together.I don't have any idea's about what to make but I think we can come up with something. I'm a level designer and I know a bit of script but Ineed somebody who can make quest, design, or something.


if you want to join email me at: [email protected]

Well I haven't modded since morrowind. Even that wasn't very good stuff just fiddled with trees and lighting effects and stuff like that. But I think it would be really cool to make a super long dungeon. Something that takes like 3 hours to run through. And I think it would be cool if it had some lore friendly back story like an ancient falmer city or something. In the massive dungeon there should be other npc adventures all trying to find this city or artifact. Then just add a bunch of side quests inside. 


Just a thought, unfortunately I can't help much cause I have no experience but I guess it's an idea. 



And even if it's all underground, make it feel like a whole new area. You could add like small towns that act like base camps as you make your way through. Also I think it would be neat to make the whole thing a mystery as to what's at the end. It should progressively get harder and more of a mystery as to  what's going on. Then you find out its like a whole deadra thing going on. 


Sorry for being long winded I just jeep getting ideas lol

I do have a suggestion for a mod. Dealing with the creeks and rivers, I want the water to go with the contour of the land, not into it