Skyrim Mod Crash problem

Ok so this is really weird.. I have optimized my mod list down the mods I want, and enhances my experience ( not just random mods that give me uber weapons haha )

But now when I press "NEW" or "Load Save" ... the load screen plays for about 20-30 seconds than crashes to the desktop.. BUT, Some saves work?... But when I say work I mean they work for like 5 minutes then CTD :/ ...

I have done BOSS many times and deleted the mods that aren't compatible or require Dragonborn ( don't have that )

I also figured out how to use the ENB injector so I can record gameplay but obviously it will CTD if I try and play it haha.. The problem isn't ENB I don't think like it has been for me in the past.. So it might be the mods or my saves?

My load order is fine and I have checked it and the plugin list to see what's checked.. nothing is unchecked because as I said I dedicated a good 3 hours in testing/deleting mods. :P


I have closed your other threads. Here and here. Please post one thread and wait for response. If no one is available to help, keep on bumping.

And post in the correct section next time. I do not want to move your threads after you.