Skyrim load times

How does one decrease the load times of Skyrim when adding all the mods. I am running a core i7 920 with 6gb of ram and 285 evga gtx

Try getting an expanded RAM Patch or decrease graphical quality. Only things I can think of. Also, running in windowed helps a bit.

I downloaded a game booster which closes background applications when the game is running. Was very helpful but load times are still about 40 seconds and that annoys me


Try and install Skyrim in your RAM, this will completely get rid of load times. Not sure if 6GB is enough though.

How do you install games to RAM?

RamDisk Plus

I shall look into this.

hahha that honestly sounds freaking awesome!!! I hope I remember this when i upgrade to socket 2011. Damn i7 intel so board limits me to 8 and I don't want to buy another stick.

sad part is, even tho I fixed it my saves kept getting bloated to 40mb and the game would crash upon save. I altered the enb but so many mods that it was hard to tell. If steam would keep em out of my data folder after subscribing it would be better


how much ram do you have? my friend has 16 gigs, he puts 10 gigs of that into a ramdisk and plays all his games off of it. it loads so quickly that someitmes you cant even see the moddel on the loading screen.

I only have 6 gigs due to the mobo being stupid. its an x58 model and caps out at 8 gbs so it was pointless to buy 2gb stick when I might just upgrade to another platform


This is amazing to know...I must check this out. 

Had a look at your load order? cleaning it up might make a difference.