Skyrim lag/stuttering/microstuttering issue(s?)

So i've been having these stutter randomly occur when walking, running or sprinting. Been trying to find a fix to this issue for many moons and many more suns, ive tried everything from fps limiter, ENBs, .INI tweaks and so far.. nothing! And as ive said  ealier its random stutter, and as far as i know it has something to do with the FPS cap ingame wich i do not know how to get around! so if you have any idea how to fix this please please comment:))

My pc specs in case:



Crosshair V Formula-z

8gb corsair mem


In advance, thanks for answer:)

Hmm... I have these whenever I ride a horse. 

Try this (if you haven't already)


or that windows patch for AMD CPUs.

Update your GPU drivers and all that.

Also, if you have mods runing, try disabling them and see if it happens again. I had some problems with a few mods.

yeah ive tried the borderless thingy but not the other one, i´ll give it a try tomorrow and see if it works, and no mod installed while trying to find the issue:P thanks for answer:)

Just please, for your own safety,  follow the golden rule of modding: RTFM!

Especially in this case. This mod is serious business.

yeah ofc i have a like 2 different backups plus a 2nd pc to test stuff with so im very far into the "no worries" zone:P

Lol. There's being cautious and then there is... whatever you're doing. XD