Skyrim game mechanic experts wanted (Skyrim quest Journal)

So i loaded up Skyrim the other day and noticed something a bit odd. I took a look at all of the countless quests i’ve completed all the way down to the bottom of the list. And i realized that they are in no particular order. I thought they would be like Oblivion where they are listed based on order of completion. But all i see is a befuckled pile of quests. Unbound is NOT at the bottom of that list. It was somewhere totally random.

Is there any way in which the game orders your quests? It ain’t alphabetical, either. Hmm…

if i remember correctly it orders it by completion

Then something’s messed up on my end. Because i of course did UNBOUND first. But it ain’t first on the list. Odd.


The FUCK do you explain that? Joining the Stormcloaks? You have to do unbound first… THEN visit Galmar in Winterhold and find an Ice Wraith.

Any ideas?

Does that even matter?
Anyways, I believe they are ordered in … kind of … importance order? The main quest line on top and all else below it with the misc respawnable filler in it’s own category…

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Yes, for my painful OCD it does. If that’s the case, then problem solved.