Skyrim fully roleplayed LP!


I have just started an LP of Skyrim! This one is roleplay heavy and modded.

I decided to create a character who lost his friend and now travelled to Skyrim to look for adventures and become rich. This character is mostly a fighter he will not use any magic during this LP, he is pretty bad at bows and other range type weapons. I do have a lot of immersive mods installed. Please if you don't like roleplay let's plays don't watch. I figure you might enjoy this with my rather lack of skill in commentating. Videos will be quite lengthy so be prepared!

I recommend watching the part zero of this episode as it explains a little bit of a background. Also please take a brief look at the discription!

Hopefully I'll see you following the adventures of Lucien!

Link to part zero:

If you don't like clicking links just search Armadyz on youtube.

Thank you!

EDIT - Episode 002 is much more event heavy than 001 is. Please stay tuned! Uploading tomorrow!

I was quite suprised at the quality of your videos, you should try and get a good logo and channel cover thing, your skyrim videos look fantastic with your mods on and the presentation is pretty good.

Thank you! It does take a while to upload.

Episode 2 is released!

Episode 3 is released! This time we visit Falskaar.


Part 004 has been uploaded! Go check it out now!

Episode 005 is out!