Skyrim eyefinity

I'm having trouble geting eyefinity to work on my computer for skyrim. I know that skyrim by default does not support eyefinity. I have downloaded Flawless widescreen and widescreen fixer and both programs work with all my other games. Am I missing somthing?


Pc specs are on my profile and pc partpicker link is on my profile

Hello fellow eyefinity user!

C:\Users\<user>\Documents\my games\Skyrim\SkyrimPrefs.ini

iSize W=5040
iSize H=1050

There you go. dont forget to use flawless widescreen aswell for wonderful scaling.

Good luck!

Thank you so much!!!

I can recommend Flawless Widescreen also! Brilliant little app with plenty of games in the list that enables eyefinty!

Hello guys,

im having trouble playing Skyrim on 21:9 monitor as it does not support this ratio nor 2560x1080 resolution.

I tried to set my resolution iSize W=2560 and iSize H=1080, but then the image seems to be be stretched in height (width is ok) and i dont see HUD (SkyUI) right. I fixed HUD using Flawless WIdescreen but it still does not help with the height issue. Has anyone encounter this issue before and have a fix for that?